SEDNTERP 3 revision history

Version 3.0.4 (dated 06/05/2022)

bug fixes:

bulletWhen an Experiment record was loaded the experiment temperature was not being loaded into the temperature box on the corresponding Experiment tab.
bulletThe vbar shown on the velocity and equilibrium experiment tabs was not changing when the experiment temperature was changed. (Thanks to Alexander Yarawsky for reporting this problem.)
bulletFile...New was not clearing out the old buffer compositions.
bulletLoading an experiment did not load the buffer composition for that experiment into the grid.
bulletThe units of buffer density on the Buffer Composition panel, and for the Velocity Experiment tab, were incorrectly listed as mL/g rather than g/mL. (Thanks to Yianna Antonopoulos and Kim Munro for reporting these problems.)
bulletThe buffer viscosity on the diffusion experiment tab was changed from 5 significant figures to 4 (to be consistent across the program).
bulletThe 'Apply buffer properties' buttons were not toggling on and off when clicked.

Help file corrections:

bulletThe equations for the polynomials used in calculating the effects of each buffer solute on the density, viscosity, and refractive index of the buffer had accidentally omitted the power of 10 multipliers used with most of the coefficients.  (Thanks to Pete Lollar for reporting this issue.)

Version 3.0.3 (dated 03/14/2021)

bug fixes:

bulletFixed bug when saving Sample records to the database that was causing a crash (this bug was introduced in version 3.0.1
bulletIn order to resolve installation issues arising for some users, the installer now puts the database file into the program folder

Version 3.0.2 (dated 03/04/2021)

bug fixes:

bulletFixed problem with failing to save non-standard locations for the database file
bulletFixed problem with failing to load the database tables after program start when the database location was unknown and the user needed to use the file open dialog to provide the database location
bulletChanged the installer properties for the database file to 'non-vital' so that the program installation is not considered incomplete if the database is moved to a different location or must be manually installed

Version 3.0.1 (dated 02/22/2021)


bulletViscosity can now be calculated for buffers containing H2O18 and D2O18

bug fixes:

bulletFixed two logic errors in the routine that optionally converts cysteines to disulfides after an amino acid sequence is summed, one of which caused a crash when the AA table was in 1-letter code order, and the other caused an incorrect number of cysteines being entered if the user asked for less than the maximum number of disulfides.
bulletFixed problem where using the 'Cancel' button on the Sample Composition form did not clear out any composition entries that had been made.
bulletFixed problem where the total content of heavy isotopes of water was allowed to exceed 100%.
bulletFixed bug when the wavelength for the refractive index displayed on the Buffer tab was changed, causing errors on the dn/dc tab of the Sample Composition form.
bulletFixed problem that the wavelength for the refractive index displayed on the Buffer tab was not being initialized to the user's default value.

Original Release Version 3.0.0 (dated 2/10/2021)