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(This is only a partial list)

Analytical Ultracentrifugation Centers

bulletBeckman Coulter
bulletCenter to Advance Molecular Interaction Sciences, University of New Hampshire
bulletNational Analytical Ultracentrifugation Facility, University of Connecticut

Academic & Non-Profit Labs

bulletAlbert Einstein College of Medicine
bulletBrandeis University
bulletCase Western Reserve University
bulletColumbia University
bulletConcordia University
bulletHoward Hughes Medical Institute, UCSF
bulletJohns Hopkins University
bulletLouisiana State University
bulletMt. Sinai School of Medicine
bulletNorthwestern University
bulletOchanomizu University
bulletRoyal Free University
bulletScripps Research Institute
bulletTexas A&M
bulletTokyo Institute of Technology
bulletUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de México
bulletUniversity of Alberta
bulletUniversity of Arizona
bulletUniversity of California, San Francisco
bulletUniversity of Manchester
bulletUniversity of Massachusetts
bulletUniversity of Massachusetts Medical Center
bulletUniversity of Melbourne
bulletUniversity of Mississippi Medical Center
bulletUniversity of Montreal
bulletUniversity of North Carolina
bulletUniversity of Osnabrueck
bulletUniversity of Vermont
bulletUniversity of Western Ontario
bulletWake Forest University
bulletWhitehead Institute, MIT
bulletWistar Institute

Government Labs

bulletCenter for Advanced Research in Biotechnology
bulletCNRS - Biochemistry of Regulatory Signals
bulletCNRS - Jean-Pierre Ebel Institute of Structural Biology
bulletCNRS - Laboratory of Structural Enzymology and Biochemistry
bulletEMBL - Heidelberg
bulletGerman Cancer Research Center, Heidelburg
bulletMRC - Protein Structure
bulletMRC - Prion Unit
bulletNational Institutes of Health (Schuck, Lebowitz, and Wingfield labs)

Industrial Labs

bulletAlliance Protein Laboratories
bulletChugai Pharmaceuticals
bulletEli Lilly
bulletGenetics Institute
bulletPharmacia & Upjohn
bulletPharmacia (Italy)
bulletSearle Pharmaceuticals
bulletVertex Pharmaceuticals