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SVEDBERG & DCDT+ installation issues

Remember, these programs require certain version 4.0 or higher (newer) of the Microsoft .NET framework to be present on the installation computer prior to their installation. If so, the program installer should detect this (before it does anything else) and try to open a Microsoft web page from which you can download and install it before the installation continues, but it may give an error message instead. If so there is a local copy of the .NET 4.0 installation package here, or this link should take you to the correct MS download page.

If you are unable to download the normal installation executable file (dcdtinst.exe for DCDT+, svedinst.exe for SVEDBERG), possibly the download is being blocked due to security settings for your network or your own computer. If so, you can try downloading these .zip archives, dcdt+_install_exe.zip or svedberg_install_exe.zip, instead. Those .zip archives simply package those executable files.

Generally you will want to do a 'For everyone' installation. Other users on that computer will be able to run the program from restricted or non-restricted accounts.

DCDT+ version 2 Upgrade note: installation of DCDT+ version 2.xx does not un-install versions 1.xx. If you will no longer be using version 1.xx use its un-install icon to remove it.